I guess better knowing my parents have protection to keep them from getting sick

I have been talking to my parents officially ever since this pandemic took the world by storm. I have been genuinely sad about them. The other day, I was asking my parents if they had any UV air cleaners or a wonderful UV air cleaner. They admitted that they didn’t have anything prefer that, not even a humidifier. This was entirely concerning to me because separate from the protection of a wonderful UV air cleaner, harmful bacteria and viruses can creep into your house and make you sick. The UV air cleaner works effectively with the UV light to destroy those harmful germs, and therefore dramatically lowers your chances of becoming sick. I genuinely didn’t want them to get sick, especially since they are section of the most vulnerable population who are dying from this disappointing virus that is spreading. So, I told them I was going to have an HVAC worker come out to their house to install a UV air cleaner and a humidifier. The humidifier also helps you to breathe easier and helps prevent you from coming down with something, but my parents tried to say they didn’t need all that, despite the fact that I had to insist. The HVAC worker that went to their house did a fantastic job on the UV air cleaner upgrade, and he also made sure their HVAC system was running at top notch. He even changed the air filter for them which was nice! Now I guess better because I know my parents have an additional layer of protection in their house to prevent them from getting sick.

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An attempt to make our partner suppose better

I am actually actually lucky that I have a task toiling from condo while in this pandemic, however unfortunately, our partner had to lose her task temporarily because it wasn’t considered essential by the government.

  • She isn’t sure if they are going to ever be back in business, especially since the reopening of our state has been pushed back for another week.

She has been actually depressed about not being able to go out to sites. She always enjoyed going out shopping, hanging out with friends, as well as visiting with family, all of us always used to go out on lunch dates as well, as well as all of us actually miss being able to do that. There is this one restaurant in certain that all of us always enjoyed that has a actually nice climate control method with a powerful UV air purification system; You would suppose with that UV air purification system, they would be able to have dine-in for the people. The UV air purification method works to kill harmful bacteria as well as viruses afterall! Well, the best all of us can do is option up food to go from the restaurants. I decided I wanted to try to make our partner thrilled, so I set up a table with candles in front of our fireplace. I had a fire going in the fireplace, got her number one dish from our number one restaurant as well as lit the candles. I even managed to find the same music they often play in the restaurant, some good lunch music. For this moment, all of us were able to pretend that all of us were enjoying a night out at our number one restaurant.


An attempt to make our partner suppose better

The best day of my life

I had been awaiting this day for quite some time.

I was finally about to get married to the love of my life.

The wedding had been planned for over a year and neither of us could hardly wait! We had been making a lot of plans for the wedding itself and the reception. However, on the day of my wedding, which was on a hot summer day, the air conditioning system went out in the church! I did not know what we were all going to do. The church however went out of their way to get the air conditioning fixed in time. I was very surprised of this! Usually, this would have meant that we would have had to reschedule the wedding day or just deal with the awful heat. But the church was so kind and caring that they paid tons of money to get an emergency heating and air conditioning repair crew out there that same day to fix their commercial air conditioning system! I was so happy about this and could not believe the fact that they cared this much about making our wedding day move forward as it should have. By the time the wedding was scheduled to begin, you would have never known that the central air conditioning system had been broken earlier in the day. The air flow of their commercial heating and air conditioning system was so great after the fix, that the whole entire church cooled off as if it was pumping strong all day! I was so grateful to the church!

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Don’t do this

I am one who loves to burn incense in the house. It really relaxes me and it is also a good destresser. The only drawback of this was something that I found out recently. My local heating and air conditioning specialist was at my home doing their usual HVAC tune up and check up for the season, and they mentioned that my ductwork needed to be cleaned badly. I was confused as I just had cleaned the ductwork a few months earlier. It was then the heating and air conditioning specialist mentioned to me that it was all because of me constantly burning my incense in the house. What it did was clog up the ductwork of the central heating and air conditioning system causing bad indoor air quality. I had no idea! The heating and cooling specialist said that it was no different than smoking cigarettes in the house. This made me rethink my love for burning incense in the house. As much as I love it, I do not want my indoor air quality to suffer and I do not want to clog up the ductwork or the air ducts of my central heating and air conditioning system because of it. I thanked the certified heating and air conditioning specialist for alerting me to this huge mistake I had been making in my home by burning the incense. I will have to have to find another form of relaxation in my house in order to keep things good. Maybe I will invest in some kind of a fireplace. That would be nice!



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Free ice cream for a year

I was not even going to charge them for the service

I love ice cream and because of this I am always going to the local ice cream shop to have desert after lunch at work. Well, the last time I was there they had a major break down of their central heating and air conditioning system. It was really hot out and they needed their air conditioning system working. Because I really love this place I offered my help. I am a certified heating and air conditioning specialist at the local HVAC company, so I knew exactly what to do with the air conditioning system to make it work once again after I looked at the heating and cooling unit. It took about a half an hour and I was able to get the air conditioning system back up and running again. I was not even going to charge them for the service. They were so happy and appreciated what I did that they gave me a special gift card that allowed me to have free ice cream and anything else I wanted in the shop for a whole year! I could not believe they went that far! Because I love my ice cream so much I was not going to question it or turn it down. After all, heating and air conditioning repair is not cheap so I guess all that free ice cream will make up for it. I was happy to be of some help to the ice cream shop, because good air conditioning is what keeps it fresh and yummy!


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Cleaning has never been easier

I was so thankful for my whole home air purification system.

Not only because it worked as a great indoor air cleaner, but because it was doing much more than that in terms of keeping my house clean.

I had been dealing with some major problems with dust flying all over the place and me having to clean every single week. It was really getting annoying. But ever since I got my whole home air purification system it had been eliminating all the dust! I was not having to clean as much. As a matter of fact, thanks to the whole home air purification system I was able to only have to do deep house cleaning once every few months. This was really great! I have to say the investment I made in the whole home air purification system was the best I had made in a very long time. Many of my friends who would visit were pretty amazed at the job the whole home air purification system was doing for my home. With both the indoor air quality and the dust being very limited in the house. My best friend actually wanted to know where I got my whole home air purification system because he now wanted to get one for himself after experiencing what I had with my house because of it. I told him the exact company I bought the whole home air purification system from, and it was possibly one of the biggest HVAC dealerships in the city, and they had a good sale on it when I did buy it.


Central heating

I don’t know why they won’t just fix their furnace

In their bedroom, they have another electric heater and kerosene heater.

I really don’t know why they won’t just fix their furnace. Don’t they know that fixing their furnace would be so much easier than trying to live with all of these random space heaters around their house? My parents haven’t had a working furnace in their house for nearly 5 years. When they told me that they didn’t have a working furnace, I nearly died. I couldn’t believe that someone could live without a working heating system for as long as they had. I asked them what they used to heat their house, and they gave me a very detailed and complicated description of the multiple heating systems that they use to keep their house warm. They use a collection of nearly a dozen different space heaters to keep their house warm. In the living room, they have an electric heater, a kerosene heater, and a propane heater to keep their room warm. They start by turning all of the heating systems when they wake up. Once the room gets warm enough, they keep only the electric space heater and the kerosene heater one. In their bedroom, they have another electric heater and kerosene heater. In the kitchen, they have a kerosene heater, and in the bathroom, they have an electric space heater. They told me that although they cannot afford to fix their furnace, they can afford to use these spaces heaters. However, if you do the math, they are paying a fortune to use all of these space heaters. It is no wonder that they cannot afford to fix their furnace.

Heating maintenance

My friend only heated their house with space heaters

I literally couldn’t understand what my friend’s dad was doing with their heating system. During middle school, one of my best friends was my neighbor. I spent a ton of time at their house during the week, and I got to know their family a lot. My friend was cool, but I quickly learned that his dad was a drug user. Still, they were able to afford their house, and they had a much nicer house than we did. They even had a central air conditioner at their house that kept them cool during the summer. At our house, we only had a window air conditioner, and it wasn’t nearly as nice as their central air conditioner. However, I could never figure out what they were doing with their heating system. They had a nice furnace in their house. One day, something happened with the furnace, and the furnace stopped working. Instead of fixing their furnace as a normal person, they decided to go out and purchase some space heaters for their house. They didn’t purchase new space heaters. They decided to purchase space heaters that were probably older than my dad. These space heaters were very dangerous. They said that they were saving money by not calling an HVAC technician, but when I heard how much they were paying every month for electricity to use all of those space heaters, I realized that it would have been much cheaper to fix the furnace. It is amazing that they didn’t have a house fire because of those space heaters. They were crazy.


Air vent

I took an HVAC course, and I don’t want to be an HVAC technician

I took an HVAC course while I was in high school, and it was very beneficial.

I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I graduated, and I figured that by taking the HVAC course, I could decide if I wanted to be an HVAC technician.

I learned a lot in that HVAC course. First, I learned about how furnaces and air conditioners worked. My family had a furnace and a central air conditioner. Although I knew what they did, I had no idea how these HVAC units worked. Apparently, by learning how the HVAC units worked, it would help us discover how to figure out what was wrong with a broken HVAC unit. Then, we began learning about minor HVAC repairs. We didn’t actually fix a problematic HVAC unit, but we got to perform smaller HVAC maintenance repairs. Because of this information, I have saved a ton of money with my HVAC unit. Despite all of the things that I learned during that HVAC course, I definitely decided that I didn’t want to be an HVAC technician. I was glad to learn a few things, but I couldn’t see myself being an HVAC technician and fixing HVAC units all of the time. I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t take that HVAC course. It definitely wasn’t a waste, and by the time that I graduated, I realized that I wanted to become a politician. Sure, the HVAC course didn’t help me with that career, but it did help me to see different careers and what other people did for a living. Besides, I learned how to do HVAC repairs, and that helped me to save a lot of money while I was going to college to study the law.

Air conditioning worker

I took an HVAC course in high school, and it helped me

I decided to become an HVAC technician, and I am definitely glad that I took the HVAC course that I did in high school.

During my last two years of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I was already taking my normal core classes, but I wanted to try a few different extracurricular classes that might push me in the direction that I wanted to go when I was an adult. I wanted to find classes that would have a practical application in the real world. I found out that my school was offered dual-credit courses at a local trade school. I could take an HVAC course. If I passed the HVAC course, I would earn credits for high school, but I would also earn credits towards my certification if I decided to become an HVAC technician. I didn’t know if I wanted to be an HVAC technician, but since it was the only course that was available at the trade school, I decided to take it. I quickie fell in love with the class, and it became my favorite class ever. I learned a ton of basic things about furnaces and air conditioners, and I even got to spend some time repairing HVAC units in class. After I graduated, I continued my education, and I became a certified HVAC technician. Without that HVAC class in high school, I would have never known how much I loved working on HVAC units. Now, I get to do my dream job. I am even planning on starting my own HVAC company.

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