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Winter is for cocoa and fireplaces

I’m not a cold weather person. I’m not really a hot weather person either. There is something about going outside when it is so hot you feel like your melting. When the humidity is so high that you feel like you about to turn into a puddle, I want to be inside. I still do […]

She started talking ‘HVAC’ to me.

My sister and I hadn’t been close for quite some time. We talked about once a year, and it was just a general ‘how are you?’, and a simple ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy holiday’. When she called me out of the blue, I was a bit unsure of what was wrong. My parents lived close […]

The need for alternate HVAC.

My husband was always one who wanted to be prepared for any emergency. If it had been for his forethought of having alternative heating and air conditioning, we would have been out in the cold, or baking, several times. About the time we found out we were going to need to have a new HVAC […]

I needed to call the professionals.

I am the type of person that if something needs to be repaired, I find the way to get it done myself. I don’t call people to do repairs for me. I don’t contact others if I need something moved, or if I am looking for information. Too many times I have had people say […]

Glad my brother knows about HVAC equipment

Suddenly, the central AC equipment started chugging away in the background Periodically I’m rather cheerful that I have big brothers. Please don’t get me wrong, oftentimes they are a real pain in my ass and I sincerely wish that I was just an only child. I can get actually distraught trying to deal with all […]

My sibling was able to help out a great deal

Without the thermostat to tell the AC appliance to chill out, the a/c appliance was running the entire time that the group of us moved my stuff Periodically I’m particularly happy that I have awesome siblings! Don’t get me wrong, oftentimes they are a complete pain in my ass plus I wish that I was […]