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Ex tries to sabotage AC so I call him for help

Sometimes I wonder if human beings are all completely insane. I have taken a look around at my peers many times and considered that they were all completely off their rockers. It just seems like society has accepted certain measures of mental illness while it has outcast others. For instance, I think that it’s completely […]

Things get expensive when she detects mold

Sometimes I feel like my wife is way too sensitive. Don’t get me wrong, she is allowed to have her feelings and her opinions about life. I would never try to quiet somebody’s personal experience. However, there are certain issues that we struggle to overcome as a couple because she is so hyper-vigilant in areas […]

The holidays are the worst; super hot house

I have to say, I’ve been a bit depressed lately. I know that this is pretty standard fare for this time of year, but I am not looking forward to the full-blown mental health degradation that’s headed my way. Every calendar year as the seasons change from Summer to fall my mental health starts to […]

Wife compulsively bakes, cuts down on HVAC

I knew that it was going to be a bad idea when my wife started watching The Great British Bake Off series on Netflix. For many years I had managed to keep the television program away from her eager eyes. I recognized that this was going to be one of the external influences that could […]

Thermostat keeps resetting program

Sometimes I wonder if modern technology is really all it’s cracked up to be. I know that we have made a lot of advances in modern medicine, computers, and even artificial intelligence. However, I really wonder if all of these measures are for the good of humanity. Actually, I also have to wonder how intelligent […]

Worst trip of my life, no HVAC in car or hotel

There’s nothing worse than coming back from vacation. First of all, you have this enormous sense of depression as you try to readjust to real life. After taking a timeout to go on holiday, it is especially upsetting when you come back to your regular job, regular house, and regular lifestyle. Secondly, you have to […]

HVAC necessitates sugar daddy

Sometimes I wonder if traditional gender roles are actually the way to go in this modern world. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate going to work and earning my own money. However, there are times when I wish that a big strong man would come along and float me financially so I could worry […]