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I really miss my ex, the HVAC technician

I really miss my ex, but probably not for the reason that you would assume. My ex was a jerk, but at least living with him had benefits. For instance, whenever my ex was around, I never had to worry about my furnace or my central air conditioner. I didn’t get along with my ex […]

Getting HVAC checked early

But I like to think of it this way, it’s either I deal with a small HVAC bill now, or a massive HVAC repair bill later on down the road Even though New Years is barely over, I already am scheduling for maintenance on my heating and cooling systems. Most people seem to wait til […]

I quit being a HVAC tech

After several years of working for the same HVAC company, I finally quit yesterday. It wasn’t because my HVAC workplace was bad, or that my coworkers were awful or even that the pay was bad. It was actually because of the customers. I knew there were definitely some bad people out there, but after servicing […]