I can’t live like this anymore

If there is one thing I undoubtedly hate, it’s unpredictability and ambiguity.

Recently, our Heating & Air Conditioning component fits the definition of unpredictable and ambiguous. I’m not sure why, but it has been acting up & having a mind of its own all of a sudden. It started about a month ago, suddenly it will be working just fine, & then it will turn off, then on again, then back off. It generally will do this several times a day, & then the next day, it will work perfectly nice the entire day. I undoubtedly can tell you that I hate the unpredictability of this, it drives myself and others crazy! Now I have no amazing plan what to expect, is it going to be nice to myself and others & job for the day, or I think it will completely shut down & refuse to turn on? Or will it be a bit of both? I just never know what’s what. Obviously the air conditioner is shouting loud & clear that something is wrong, & it needs dedicated attention. Although I hate paying more money towards Heating & Air Conditioning related household stuff, I undoubtedly don’t want to live in a constant state of not knowing, so I will report that I already have a Heating & Air Conditioning appointment, & soon a Heating & Air Conditioning specialist will come & look at the heating & cooling system for the family. Until then, I will just have to deal with it. On the brighter side, I have our weeklong holiday next week, & I will get to stay at a 5 star hotel. No air temperature unpredictability there, & I can relax & appreciate myself.