The storm was catching up to us

My brother and I took a road trip last year to visit the canyon.

We spent 17 hours driving from one destination to the other.

On our way back from the trip, the AC in the car stopped working. It was very warm outside, so we decided to roll down the windows. While we were driving through the desert, it wasn’t a big deal that the AC was broken. We had plenty of fresh air and a cool breeze while we were driving. Once we hit the mountains, we ran into a huge storm. We could see the storm in the distance and it was catching up to us. My brother and I knew that if the storm caught up we would no longer be able to drive with the windows down. Even though there was a steady downpour heading in our direction, the outdoor temperature was still in the 90s. My brother tried to speed up and go faster so the storm wouldn’t catch up. Unfortunately, there was a traffic accident at the bottom of the mountain and we were sitting in traffic for an hour. It started pouring outside and we had to roll up the windows. Since the AC wasn’t working, I started to get very warm and humid inside the car. It was absolutely miserable, but we couldn’t roll down the windows to cool off. We sat in traffic for a long time before they cleaned up all of that mess from that accident. Thankfully, the storm had passed by the time we left and we had a chance to roll down windows again.