I convinced my parents to take off their masks by having a UV air purification system installed

I have been extremely worried about my parents.

They are getting up there in age and therefore, they are vulnerable to this virus that is spreading around the world.

They have been so worried about catching the virus, they even wear their masks inside of their home. Now, I don’t personally believe that the virus is going to get into their home unless they come into contact with somebody who has the virus, but they are not taking any chances. You should see them, they are struggling really bad just wearing those masks all the time. They both wear glasses and their glasses keep fogging up making it very difficult for them to walk around their own home! Eventually, I just got sick of seeing this when I would visit, and I told them they should just take off their masks. When they said they didn’t think that was safe, I told them there was a good way to make them safe. When they asked how, that’s when I dialed up the HVAC company and told them we needed to have a UV air purification system installed. My father said he didn’t want to have to pay for some fancy air purification system, but I told him that I would cover the cost for the installation. I explained to my parents that the UV air purification system works to kill harmful bacteria and viruses that might be in the air. They both were shocked that there is such an invention that can do that. When the UV air purification system was installed, they finally took off their masks, and they have been so much happier. They don’t have foggy glasses, and they can breathe so much easier now!



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After my glasses were broken, I decided to get a thermostat with more visible numbers

I actually thought that was a great idea and so I called up the HVAC company.

As I have gotten older, my vision is not as good as it used to be. I have always worn glasses, and not so long ago, my glasses were cracked. This was unfortunate because I wasn’t able to see much of anything. I made an appointment to get new glasses, but I had to wait several days before my appointment. In the meantime, I was having trouble with my temperature control settings. I have been using this old digital thermostat where I can’t even see the temperatures because the numbers are too small and blurry for me. I was telling my wife that I wished we had a thermostat with large numbers that were easy to see. I hate having to squint when adjusting the temperature control settings. It was difficult enough before my glasses were broken, but now I was just struggling to get the right temperature control settings in our home. My wife suggested that I call up the HVAC company to see about getting a newer type of thermostat. I actually thought that was a great idea and so I called up the HVAC company. When I was telling them that I wanted a nice thermostat with a screen that showed large numbers, they said they had the perfect thermostat for me. They said it was a smart thermostat and the numbers were definitely large. I wasn’t sure if I should go for something fancy like that, but then they told me that using a smart thermostat would allow me to save up to 10% on my energy bills. I decided to go for it, and I absolutely love the screen with the large numbers that I can see! Also, I don’t even have to go to the thermostat, I can just say aloud what I want the temperature control settings to be because it has voice commands!



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Radiant heated floors has definitely improved my bathroom experience

I figured there had to be something that could be done.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than soaking in a bath. I love bubble baths and I love to use bath beads. I love when the water is nice and hot and I can just soak for a long while. I also enjoy having scented candles lit while I am taking a bath. There are times when I will even have wine to enjoy while taking a bath as it helps me to relax. Sometimes my husband will even give me chocolates to eat while I’m relaxing in the bath. The only thing that I really hate is when I am done taking a bath and the floor tiles are entirely freezing! I have asked my husband if we can get some kind of portable heating unit in the bathroom, but he says that would be dangerous. He doesn’t want me to get electrocuted if the heater gets water on it. Then I asked him if there was anything that the HVAC company could do to make the tiles warmer. I figured there had to be something that could be done. He finally called up the HVAC company and told them about the situation with the cold bathroom tiles. Then he let me know that they were talking about installing radiant heated floors. As soon as I heard “heated floors”, I was all for it! That actually sounded perfect, so my husband made the arrangements with the HVAC company and had radiant heated floors installed in our bathrooms. Ever since the radiant heated floors have been installed, I have been enjoying my time in the bathroom more than ever before!



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My wife made a pretty good case as to why I shouldn’t shave my head

When it starts to get hot outside in the summer season, I love to shave my head. Honestly, I love having my head shaved because then I don’t have to comb my hair all of the time and it’s just easier to maintain myself. I would go with a shaved head all of the time, but it just gets too cold in the winter months. My wife thinks it’s crazy that I enjoy shaving my head, but I keep telling her about the benefits of having a shaved head when it’s hot outside. Even with the air conditioning, it just feels better when the A/C from the HVAC vents flows across your shaved head, because you can really feel the chill in the air. It’s really the best feeling ever! After I was telling my wife about how good it felt to have the A/C flowing across your shaved head, that’s when she said that maybe she should shave her head in the summer as well. When she said that, I thought she was joking, but then she went to grab the hair clippers and was ready to shave her own hair off. I told her to stop, because I didn’t want her to shave her head. When she asked why, I couldn’t come up with a good reason that might not seem offensive. I told her how much I loved her hair, and it just wouldn’t be the same. Then she told me she loved my hair as well and I should think about not shaving it every single summer. I suppose as long as we keep the temperature control settings just right in the summer, I might be able to quit shaving my head.


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I really miss my ex, the HVAC technician

I really miss my ex, but probably not for the reason that you would assume.

My ex was a jerk, but at least living with him had benefits.

For instance, whenever my ex was around, I never had to worry about my furnace or my central air conditioner. I didn’t get along with my ex very well, and I am glad that we are not dating anymore, but it sure is sad that I do not get free HVAC repairs anymore. It was kind of nice dating the HVAC technician for a while. My ex may not have been a good boyfriend, but he was definitely a good HVAC technician. He was a young HVAC technician, but even the owner of the HVAC company recognized that he was good at HVAC units. Part of the reason that my boyfriend and I never got along was the HVAC company. It seemed like my boyfriend lived at the HVAC company. He was always gone, and it was hard to even spend time with him because of his work with the HVAC company. I absolutely hated the fact that he worked all of the time. We never talked, but he thought that he made up for it by keeping my HVAC units running. I was thankful for the HVAC units being repaired, but a relationship is based upon communication, not HVAC units. We eventually broke up. However, right now, I wish that I was still dating him. My furnace and my central air conditioner have been giving me problems, and I am actually going to have to spend money paying an HVAC technician to fix my HVAC units.



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I could not figure out how to recharge my air conditioner

I honestly could not figure out how to recharge the air conditioner in my car.

I hated the car that I was driving.

The car had a major problem with the air conditioner. Sure, the air conditioner would work if you recharged the air conditioner, but the leak was so bad in the air conditioner that the air conditioner would not even remain running for an entire day. The only reason that I was even driving the car was that the car was given to me as a gift, and I could not afford a better car at the time. Otherwise, I would have definitely ditched that car for a better car. I had only had it for a few weeks when I found out that the air conditioner would work if you recharged the air conditioner. My father-in-law tried to recharge the air conditioner before I went to visit my parents. He had never tried recharging the air conditioner before, but we were so happy when it worked. Even if the air conditioner only worked for a few hours, it would be worth it to have an air conditioner on that trip. When we got there, the air conditioner was already starting to turn off, so we realized that we would have to charge the air conditioner before any major trip. I enjoyed the time with my family, and when it was time to leave, I decided to try to recharge my air conditioner. Unfortunately, I could not figure out why my central air conditioner was not working properly. I had no idea that I was trying to charge the air conditioner from the wrong place. It didn’t work, and I had to drive that car the entire trip without an air conditioner before I realized what was wrong.
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I was able to patch the air conditioner in my car

The owner of the car had only recharged the air conditioner to make it seem like it was working, but after a couple of days, all of the coolant had leaked out of the air conditioner

I am so glad that I was able to patch the air conditioner that was in the car that I just purchased. I cannot believe that the previous owner tried to lie to me about the car that he just sold me. When I bought the car, I specifically asked the owner about the air conditioner. I was looking for an affordable car, but I specifically wanted to make sure that I had a car that had a working air conditioner in it. I have had to drive cars without an air conditioner before, and it is definitely not a pleasant experience. It definitely is not an experience that I would want to have to go through again. Instead, I would definitely prefer buying a car with a working air conditioner. That is why I asked about the air conditioner. The owner of the car told me that the air conditioner was working, and he mentioned that he had never had a problem with the air conditioner. He even turned on the air conditioner, and the air conditioner seemed to be working. The air was very cool. I bought the car and even registered it. However, by the end of the week, the air conditioner had already stopped working in the car. That is when I realized that the air conditioner had a hole in one of the pressure lines. The owner of the car had only recharged the air conditioner to make it seem like it was working, but after a couple of days, all of the coolant had leaked out of the air conditioner. Fixing this could be a huge pain, but I wanted to try to patch the air conditioner before I took it to a mechanic. Thankfully, the patch held, so I have an air conditioner. I could not believe that the owner lied to me!

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I need to figure out how to fix my central air conditioner

I really need to figure out how I am going to fix my central air conditioner.

I know that I do not know much about central air conditioners, but I am going to have to do something about my central air conditioner, or I am going to be in big trouble this summer.

I wish that I wasn’t struggling so much financially. Before I lost my job, I would have never worried about the central air conditioner. Whenever my furnace or my central air conditioner stopped working before, the only thing that I needed to do was to call an HVAC technician to have them fix my HVAC unit. However, now, I cannot afford to fix my central air conditioner. I just barely was able to afford to fix the furnace during winter, and my new job does not pay as well, so I am not able to afford to do a lot. Instead, if I want to use my central air conditioner, I am going to have to learn how to fix my own central air conditioner. Honestly, I have no idea how to even begin learning how to fix my own HVAC unit. Fixing my own HVAC unit was not something that I ever thought that I was going to have to learn how to do. I figured that it would be super easy to learn, but I was wrong. Sure, there are a lot of videos online that tell you how to fix your own central air conditioner, but I do not even have the slightest clue about what is wrong with my central air conditioner. Even if I did, I do not have the right tools to fix my central air conditioner. Do you know how hard it is to fix something with the wrong tools?

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Getting HVAC checked early

But I like to think of it this way, it’s either I deal with a small HVAC bill now, or a massive HVAC repair bill later on down the road

Even though New Years is barely over, I already am scheduling for maintenance on my heating and cooling systems. Most people seem to wait til it’s boiling in summer before they might get their HVAC units checked, but I like to get it done and over with early in the year. I know that if I don’t get all of my HVAC repairs done early in the year, life will distract me, and then I will completely forget about both my furnace and air conditioner. Then usually what happens is I remember either during summer or winter, or both. Then for several weeks I am stuck with the awful boiling heat or freezing winter. I have already had that happen twice, and ever since then I have been making an effort to mark my calendar for January every month to get my HVAC looked at. January has officially become my month of all HVAC units needs taken care of. So far, it has worked and I have yet to experience anything going wrong with my HVAC components. The only thing I dislike is the price. Even with a HVAC plan, the price is still more than I want to pay. But I like to think of it this way, it’s either I deal with a small HVAC bill now, or a massive HVAC repair bill later on down the road. At least this way I can guarantee that both my heater and AC are going to work the rest of the year, that’s better than what some people can say. Some people never get their HVAC device looked at, and just wait for it to fail one day before getting HVAC repair, which baffles me, since they are only creating a big problem for themselves in the future. I truly believe in the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


I quit being a HVAC tech

After several years of working for the same HVAC company, I finally quit yesterday.

It wasn’t because my HVAC workplace was bad, or that my coworkers were awful or even that the pay was bad.

It was actually because of the customers. I knew there were definitely some bad people out there, but after servicing some of my HVAC customer’s A/C systems, and seeing how nasty some people can be, I didn’t realize how bad it was. I don’t know what it was about my former HVAC corporation, but they seemed to attract all of the nastiest customers. I hear that other HVAC suppliers don’t have such issues, so maybe I will go for another HVAC provider. One such customer that I serviced thought he knew it all. Their air conditioning unit was broken, so when I was kneeling down to figure out what had broken the A/C, this guy kept leaning over me and pointing out all of the parts of the A/C unit, most of which was wrong. That wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that when I actually started to fix his air conditioner for him, he started telling me I was doing it wrong! I was so close to just telling him if he is so smart, then he can do it himself. But I kept my mouth shut. Another incredibly irritating customer was a customer that kept attempting discounts, or part of her A/C repair bill price deducted for various reasons. When I didn’t comply, she threatened to speak to the manager and get me fired! I can’t deal with idiots all day, and that’s why I quit.
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