Dog is too fluffy for my heating preferences

I know that I put my furnace through a lot of stress and struggle every time the cold season rolls in.

For several years I was extremely reluctant to adopt an animal. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely wanted to have pets in my life. I enjoy having furry creatures to take care of and I enjoy their company in my life. However, I felt a lot of pressure to find the perfect companion for myself. All of this worry and concern had the effect of delaying my attempt to adopt a single pet. Eventually, I wound up finding an adorable puppy and scooping him up right away. However, now I’m wondering if I made a major mistake after all of my time trying to come up with the best plan. You see, it turns out that my new dog has some dissimilar opinions about life. Particularly, he is not a big fan of my forced air furnace in the middle of winter. I guess I should have considered the temperature preferences of my new pet when I saw his thick, fuzzy coat. He definitely has a lot more insulation than I do to contain his internal heat. Personally, I am always extremely cold. If I don’t have my heater running at full blast I might as well be standing outside in a blizzard. I spend a lot of money on my central heating system, both in regards to my energy bills and my routine HVAC repairs. I know that I put my furnace through a lot of stress and struggle every time the cold season rolls in. Now, I have a dog in the house who absolutely hates my temperature control plan. Whenever the heating system kicks into gear I literally hear my dog moan as he starts panting. I’m not sure what to do about my indoor air temperature issue… Except to build a really nice dog house so he can stay outside.


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Ex tries to sabotage AC so I call him for help

Sometimes I wonder if human beings are all completely insane.

I have taken a look around at my peers many times and considered that they were all completely off their rockers.

It just seems like society has accepted certain measures of mental illness while it has outcast others. For instance, I think that it’s completely unfair that our society accepts the stereotype of a “crazy woman” so readily. However, we are very resistant to consider a “crazy man” in the context of a similar break up. But let me tell you about my crazy ex and let you make your own decisions. When we broke up, my ex decided that he was going to torture me with a hot-and-cold experience I could never forget. No, he wasn’t fluctuating between being kind and being mean… He literally tried to sabotage my indoor air temperature control equipment as a security measure. You see, when we were together I professed that I had no idea how central heating and cooling equipment worked. My ex was always happy to troubleshoot the air conditioning and heating problems that we ran into, and I was happy to let him play heating and cooling technician. He definitely knew his way around an air handling machine, and I was happy to save money on professional HVAC repair services. When we broke up, clearly my ex decided that the heating and cooling system was his ticket back into my heart. I caught him outside in the middle of the night fiddling with my air conditioning unit a few weeks after we broke up. I didn’t even need to ask what was going on… My crazy ex was sabotaging my AC system so that I would have to call him for help. Tell me that that isn’t insane.



Things get expensive when she detects mold

Sometimes I feel like my wife is way too sensitive.

Don’t get me wrong, she is allowed to have her feelings and her opinions about life.

I would never try to quiet somebody’s personal experience. However, there are certain issues that we struggle to overcome as a couple because she is so hyper-vigilant in areas of our life. I noticed this was an issue back in the day when she started learning about indoor air temperature and air quality control. She suddenly became rather obsessive when it came down to performing routine heating and cooling upgrades, changing the air filters, and installing new HVAC equipment. She desperately wanted to manage our indoor air quality by removing as many airborne contaminants as possible. I was on board with her plan to increase our respiratory Health through air quality management… But it seems like enough is never enough. More recently, I had to buckle up for a new round of air quality obsession after my wife found mold growing in our bathroom. She became so concerned that we had mold and mildew popping up in the humidity space that she immediately called out to the most high priced air quality control specialist in town. She began upgrading all of our central heating and cooling equipment again, including new air purification methods and high-priced air filters. She had all of the ductwork ripped out and replaced to make sure there were no spores hidden in the walls. After all of this heating and cooling expense, we might have healthier respiratory systems… But our bank account is really suffering.

The holidays are the worst; super hot house

I have to say, I’ve been a bit depressed lately.

I know that this is pretty standard fare for this time of year, but I am not looking forward to the full-blown mental health degradation that’s headed my way.

Every calendar year as the seasons change from Summer to fall my mental health starts to slip. When fall transitions into the dark, cold days of winter… Forget it. I am a complete mess. I hate everything about winter, from the Ice Cold air to the abundant snow. I don’t enjoy the outdoor climate whatsoever and it drives me indoors for most of my days. On top of that, I’m not even one of the humans who appreciates the holiday season. If you ask me, Christmas and Thanksgiving are extremely stressful. They are also ridiculously warm in my family. You see, we always end up going to my great grandma’s house for the holidays. She is an elderly woman with a particularly cold internal thermostat, clearly. It’s quite obvious when you walk in her house and find yourself immersed in thick, burning hot air that she is compensating for an ice cold body. Unfortunately for us, the indoor air temperature is consistently warm and unpleasant in every room. It’s nearly impossible to breathe with her furnace turned all the way up. It also doesn’t help that she likes to start a wood burning fire for extra warmth and holiday ambiance. In the middle of winter I often find myself standing in the brutally cold temperatures outdoors, just trying to escape from her excruciatingly hot house. I hate the winter.



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Wife compulsively bakes, cuts down on HVAC

I knew that it was going to be a bad idea when my wife started watching The Great British Bake Off series on Netflix.

For many years I had managed to keep the television program away from her eager eyes.

I recognized that this was going to be one of the external influences that could potentially corrupt my wife’s brain. You see, she has an unfortunate habit of picking up new hobbies and getting extremely obsessive about them. The last thing that I wanted was a kitchen full of pies and crumpets because she thought they looked adorable on the television. Well, so much for that strategy. My wife has been watching the baking show Non-Stop and filling our house with the warm, comforting smells of baked goods ever since. I will say, there is one benefit to her new baking obsession. Our heating and cooling expenses are lower than ever. Since the winter season started rolling into our area the outdoor air temperature has greatly declined. We have been having hot and cold temperature fluctuations for a few weeks, but the outdoor climate is generally trending towards freezing. This means, we would normally be running our central heating and cooling system everyday to manage the indoor Heat. I appreciate our central heating system for all of its warmth and the temperature control, but it’s not cheap to rely on a forced air furnace all the time. Thanks to my wife speaking, the kitchen is consistently filled with warm air from the oven. We’ve actually been able to cut down on our energy bills as we quickly pile the pounds on to our hips.

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Thermostat keeps resetting program

Sometimes I wonder if modern technology is really all it’s cracked up to be.

I know that we have made a lot of advances in modern medicine, computers, and even artificial intelligence.

However, I really wonder if all of these measures are for the good of humanity. Actually, I also have to wonder how intelligent our supposed smart inventions turn out to be. If you ask me, there are a lot of things that robot brains cannot master. For instance, I am still completely baffled with the way that my central heating and cooling system refuses to operate on a reasonable schedule no matter how many times I try to convince my thermostat that it should perform in alignment with my temperature control settings. You see, about six months ago I had a smart thermostat installed in my house. I thought that I was going to reduce my energy bills and cut down on my HVAC wear and tear with this new smart temperature control device. I had heard such amazing things about smart thermostats from my friends and family that I actually wanted to install the smart gadget as quickly as possible. Little did I know, this intelligent device was not going to be so easy to use. For whatever reason, my thermostat cannot seem to accept my indoor air temperature control plan. No matter how many times I reset my air quality settings to match my schedule and my air temperature preferences, the thermostat refuses to accept the information. I constantly wake up in the middle of the night burning hot. I’m regularly freezing cold during the day with uneven temperatures throughout the house. And every time I tried to correct my thermostat with my desired HVAC settings, the device completely forgets what I’ve programmed. This is not a smart bot.
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Worst trip of my life, no HVAC in car or hotel

There’s nothing worse than coming back from vacation. First of all, you have this enormous sense of depression as you try to readjust to real life. After taking a timeout to go on holiday, it is especially upsetting when you come back to your regular job, regular house, and regular lifestyle. Secondly, you have to try to catch up with everything that you missed at work and around the house. Lastly, it feels like it’s unavoidable to dodge people’s questions about your vacation experience. I have found this last point especially depressing recently, after having a horrible vacation experience. I don’t really want to recall all of the hot and cold drama that we endured for several weeks. In fact, I wish that I could erase the inconsistent temperatures and horrific air qualities that we experienced from my mind forever. The trouble all started when we disembarked from the airplane and arrived at the highly air-conditioned car rental facility. Suddenly, I found myself shivering in my boots while we waited for our vehicle. When we got into the car, I was equally disappointed to find that the air conditioning didn’t work whatsoever. The extreme hot and cold temperature discrepancy did not stop there. When we arrived at the hotel it was immediately apparent that our mini split ductless heating and cooling system was not working properly in the room. No matter where we went throughout the trip, it was brutally hot or unnecessarily cold. I honestly couldn’t wait to get back home and utilize my regular old central HVAC system.

Heating equipment

HVAC necessitates sugar daddy

Sometimes I wonder if traditional gender roles are actually the way to go in this modern world.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate going to work and earning my own money.

However, there are times when I wish that a big strong man would come along and float me financially so I could worry about other things in life. It feels like no matter how hard I work in my career, I never have enough cash to cover all of the unexpected expenses that define my life. This is why I have actually started considering the option of utilizing my feminine wiles to acquire resources that I need. In particular, I’m curious about finding a sugar daddy for the sake of my indoor air quality. You see, I have been dealing with a subpar central heating and cooling system for about five years now. My air conditioning unit and boiler system do not operate like a dream. In fact, I am consistently trying to pay down high energy bills and unexpected HVAC repair services. I feel like I can’t go more than a few months without calling the local HVAC repair shop for an unwanted heating and cooling expense. This is why I think I could utilize a wealthy man in my life. If they could simply upgrade my central heating and cooling system to more energy efficient and reliable air handling devices, I think I would have a lot of extra time and money. At this point, I’m desperate enough to consider a heating and cooling sugar daddy as a realistic option.


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Friend always one-ups me; repair versus upgrade

I really enjoy my friends and family a great deal. I don’t think that I could ever live in a distant location where I could not see them on a regular basis. My loved ones make my life worth living. I absolutely can’t stand the thought of losing a single one of them. However, I will say that one of my best friends can be a bit frustrating. She’s a good human but she also has an overly competitive streak that can make our interactions tense. She is a classic example of what you would call a one upper. No matter what is going on in your life, you’d better believe that something more amazing has happened to her. If it hasn’t spontaneously occurred she will make it take place. This is exactly what happened recently with my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. For several years I had been saving up a rainy day fund for my central air conditioning unit and forced air furnace. I knew that it was only a matter of time before my air handling devices required professional attend. Sure enough, as my energy bills began to climb and my indoor air quality began to suffer I decided I should call the local heating and cooling repair shop for help. I invested a great deal of money in a full HVAC repair and diagnostics appointment and felt confident in my decision. That is… Until I talked to my friend. She promptly told me that she had arranged a professional HVAC overhaul and replaced every piece of her indoor air temperature control plan. Now, all I ever hear about is her amazing Energy Efficiency and increased air temperature management. Maybe I could let this one go…


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The meds couldn’t help my allergies

I guess I’m not a very lucky human being. I mean, I realized that since I was a little kid. However, it seems like the older I get the more misfortune enters my life. I never could have imagined that I would wind up in such a financial, personal, and now medical pickle when I was younger. Sure, I’ve always had money problems and my personal life has been rather tumultuous. However, at least I always had my help. Recently I can’t say that this has held out. I randomly started having issues with my respiratory system about 2 years ago. It started subtle enough, with some increased sniffling and sneezing. It seems like I perpetually had a running nose and a mild lung irritation. I really didn’t know what was going on with my immune system that I suddenly had these unwelcome respiratory ailments. However, I needed to buckle up because my health was about to get much worse. It didn’t take long before I was coughing my lungs out every day. That’s when I started trying to find medical answers for my apparent allergies. It turned out, no matter who I consulted, no over-the-counter or prescription allergy medication was capable of rectifying my sensitive respiratory tract. In fact, it wasn’t until I consulted a professional heating and cooling technician that I had any kind of improvement in my health. My central heating and cooling system needed a full overhaul with a professional HVAC technician. By the time that I finished installing all of the air purification and high-quality filtering equipment in my house, my respiratory Health finally improved…. My financial situation was even worse.


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