It’s finally getting repaired

Recently I have been doing online grocery shopping for the family, which is a shame because I love the entire shopping experience & picking out our own items to make sure they’re high quality. The reason why I am not shopping in person is because of the outdoor temperature & our car. Since it is summertime, it is going to be hot and humid. The weatherman is predicting the entire month is going to be hot, & the only chance for relief we are going to get is when it rains this week. The rest is just brutal tepid summertime, like usual. My car’s air conditioner is not pouring out cool air, so it feels similar to being outside even while being inside the car. I have been trying to avoid all errands all the time unless it is at night or raining, because of the lack of air conditioner. The only issue I have now is that it is only raining once this week, & at night most of the venues I want to go are long-since closed. I have already decided that I will be getting our car’s air conditioner fixed this upcoming weekend, but until then, I am not doing any errands & dealing with that oppressive heat. I will happily stay at our apartment with our home’s central air conditioner machine, & I swear that I will not leave until it cools down a bit. Thankfully it is getting closer to fall, & the outdoor hot & cold temperatures will start cooling down then, when I can start going out more. Until that happens, I will have to deal with the tepid hot & cold temperatures.