She started talking ‘HVAC’ to me.

My sister and I hadn’t been close for quite some time.

We talked about once a year, and it was just a general ‘how are you?’, and a simple ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy holiday’.

When she called me out of the blue, I was a bit unsure of what was wrong. My parents lived close to me, and I would have known before her, if there was something wrong with them. Then she began to talk about the upcoming family reunion and what all she wanted me to do. She also wanted to know where we were all going to stay and meet? After five minutes, I was starting to think it was time to hang up. She had me bored and I couldn’t remember ever talking this long. Then she turned the subject around and started telling me about her new H/vAC system. She told me that if she had taken care of her original HVAC system, it would have lasted much longer. She began explaining how she had never changed the air filters and she didn’t have the regular servicing done on either the furnace or air conditioning. She must have gone on a quarter of an hour before I realized she knew what she was talking about. I wasn’t dismissing her for being the ditzy blonde that I always titled her as. When we finally hung up, I got to thinking about what she had to say about keeping the servicing done on the HVAC and making sure the air filters are changed. I realized it had been a long time since I had any work done on my HVAC system. I immediately called the HVAC company.

HVAC maintenance