Winter is for cocoa and fireplaces

I’m not a cold weather person. I’m not really a hot weather person either. There is something about going outside when it is so hot you feel like your melting. When the humidity is so high that you feel like you about to turn into a puddle, I want to be inside. I still do my gardening when the sun goes down, and I don’t mind going for long walks in the evening. When winter arrives, I want to hibernate in the house all the time. Retirement was supposed to be the time when I got to relax and do what I wanted. I want to sit in my recliner, drink hot chocolate and read a good book. There is no reason for me to need to go outside during the winter. I don’t like the cold or the snow. Maybe it was okay when I was younger, or I wouldn’t be living in this area. I’m older now. I will tell you that I want my furnace to run perfectly and I want to be left alone. My wife brings my hot chocolate to me and we sit with the fireplace burning gently. We talk about the day and about our children. We laugh at anecdotes our daughter has told us about the grandchildren. Mostly, I just enjoy our new heating system, and the fireplace. I’m a simple person. I want a house that is all mine, a HVA C system that runs well, my wife to keep me company, and hot chocolate and a warm fireplace in the winter.