It’s a good thing my brother knows some stuff about HVAC machines

Periodically I am especially cheerful that I have older brothers in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, at times they are a total pain in my ass as well as I wish that I was just an only child.

I seriously can get aggravated trying to deal with all of their toxic masculinity as well as idiotic antics… Other times, I feel fortunate to have these humans in my life as knowledgeable, guiding forces. I am cheerful to report, not so long ago was one of those times when I felt positively about my siblings. It sincerely helped that my oldest brother knew a few things about indoor air conditions control machines when we actually found ourselves in a bit of a tomato. You see, I was moving out of my former residence with the help of my brothers when the group of us realized that my cruel ex-roommate had to change the temperature control settings on the centralized thermostat. It was over 100 degrees outside while I was moving, and the a/c machine was cranked up to 68 degrees inside the residence. Then, my roommate put a passcode on the temperature control machine so I honestly could not change the indoor air temperature to make it comfortable during the move. It was a cold thing that she ended up doing. Sadly for her, my oldest brother knows a couple of things about thermostats as well as Heating as well as Air Conditioning machines. He simply finished taking the air quality control unit off the wall as well as rewired the a/c machine to the proper terminal. Suddenly, the central A/C machine started chugging away in the background! Without the thermostat to tell the A/C machine to take it easy, the a/c machine ran the entire time that the bunch of us moved all of my belongings. Thank god for my resourceful brother.



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