The need for alternate HVAC.

My husband was always one who wanted to be prepared for any emergency.

If it had been for his forethought of having alternative heating and air conditioning, we would have been out in the cold, or baking, several times.

About the time we found out we were going to need to have a new HVAC system installed in our house, I was hearing about ductless HVAC systems. We knew the small bedroom had no ductwork attached to that area, and I was instant on there being heating and air conditioning installed. I purchased a small portable, ductless HvAC system for that area. When the new HVAC system was installed, they also installed new ductwork. They put the furnace in a different area and there was ductwork extended so it was in the small bedroom suite. Since we didn’t need the portable ductless HVAC system, we kept it in storage. Several times, we were in need of the ductless HVAC system because of the furnace or air conditioning unit being broken. It’s nice to have the ductless HVAC system in those cases. We have our servicing done on a regular schedule. We don’t want to worry about anything happening to our HVAC system, but things happen every once in a while. That is when the portable ductless HVAC system comes in hand. I would never get rid of it, regardless of what anyone may think. We recently had it installed centrally in our house, and no matter what happens we have heating and air conditioning in the main part of the house, and in the master bedroom.

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