Glad my brother knows about HVAC equipment

Suddenly, the central AC equipment started chugging away in the background

Periodically I’m rather cheerful that I have big brothers. Please don’t get me wrong, oftentimes they are a real pain in my ass and I sincerely wish that I was just an only child. I can get actually distraught trying to deal with all of their toxic masculinity and ridiculous antics. Other times, I feel that I am blessed to have these humans in my life as knowledgeable, guiding forces. I’m thankful to report, this past week was a single one of those times when I felt positively about my siblings. It easily helped that my oldest brother knew quite a few things about indoor air quality control equipment when we found ourselves in a bit of a squash. You see, I was moving out of my old residence with the help of my brothers when we came to realize that my cruel ex-roommate had to change the temperature control settings on the centralized temperature control. It was nearly 100 degrees outside while I was trying to move, and the a/c equipment was cranked up to 73 degrees inside the property. Then, my roommate put a passcode on the temperature control equipment so I easily could not change the indoor air temperature to make it relaxing for the move. It was a cold and bitter thing that she did. Unfortunately for her, my oldest brother knows quite a bit about temperature controls and HVAC equipment. He basically just took the air quality control component off the wall and rewired the a/c equipment to the official terminal. Suddenly, the central AC equipment started chugging away in the background. Without the temperature control to tell the AC equipment to chill out, the a/c component worked the entire time that we moved my stuff. I’m really glad I have such a resourceful brother.

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