Pandemic concerns lead to better indoor air

This virus is just so sinister.

Every time we think we might have this thing a bit more dialed in, it mutates and acts differently.

There is no doubt in my mind that it will be around until there is a vaccine. So, while I’m not to excited about it, I have been spending a great deal more time inside the security of my HVAC controlled home. My health is not terrible but, it’s not the greatest either. My best bet to get through this deal is to avoid crowds, make sure I’m washing my hands and stay home. I love the HVAC comfort of my home but, I am still trying to get outside to green spaces for some fresh air. That got me to thinking about the quality of the air in my home. I had read that the indoor air quality has a direct impact on your overall and immune health. This gave me pause because, other than getting outside a bit, I am spending all my time inside the HVAC. I was further shocked to find that the EPA rates poor indoor air quality as the fourth worst environmental hazard. This got me to check out what I could do to improve the air quality in my home. The first step for me was to get rid of my cheap HVAC air filters. I replaced them with HEPA type air filters. These do a phenomenal job of catching over 99 percent of airborne contaminants that chip away at immune health. It didn’t take long to notice the difference either.

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Stick with your HVAC responsibilities

I can’t even count the times I have attempted to do something or start something and have utterly failed.

I can still hear the echos of the laughter after one of my spectacular face plant fails.

But, I am also the absent minded sort who walks in a room, has no idea why and proceeds to inspect the HVAC setting. When you combine those two characteristics, it’s a wonder I was allowed a drivers license. However, I plug along trying to maintain my tattered pride when I can. I think most of my problem is a lack of staying locked in. My mind tends to drift and fade in and out. That’s why I make all my lists. Before I go to bed each night, I turn down the HVAC to the sleep setting and then go over my list. There are a few of them. However, it’s the daily and weekly responsibilities that I tend to pay the most attention to. One of the things that is my responsibility alone is the HVAC. I have to be sure that it is taken care of in whatever form necessary. The HVAC maintenance isn’t so much of a thing anymore. I was able to join an HVAC service program offered by my HVAC company. This way, they are able to email me an appointment date and all I have to do is acknowledge. I don’t even have to be at home anymore as they have a key. But, I do have to make sure the HVAC air filter is changed every single month without fail. I make sure that chore lands on all my lists.


Old HVAC give out after over two decades of service

Our family has been comforted by the same HVAC unit for as long as we have been in this house.

This was the first house my wife and I ever built and that was nearly 25 years ago.

We actually decided, way back then, to invest in the best HVAC unit we could. Well, that strategy really paid off considering how long and quite well the HVAC has performed. We weren’t surprised when the HVAC tech told us that we really needed to consider getting a new HVAC unit. Our was already showing signs of steady decline. The HVAC utility costs were going through the roof and the HVAC just didn’t seem up to the demand any longer. So, we took what the HVAC tech told us to heart. First, we contacted the HVAC contractor to help us figure out what our next HVAC unit would be. I’m so glad that we engaged his services first because there is just so much information out there. It makes it tough to understand what you really need out of an HVAC unit. We were also thinking about the HVAC as it pertained to selling our home. The last of our children was about to leave the nest for college. That meant it would be time for my wife and I to transition to a much more sustainable lifestyle. As much as we loved our home, it was meant for families. And we wanted an HVAC that would enhance the value of our home. Fortunately, we were able to do just that. The HVAC contractor worked with us on several occasions. We were able to find the HVAC unit that would provide heating and cooling comfort for the next family to live in this great house.
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Home office gets major HVAC upgrade

I have to say that I don’t miss most aspects of working in that big downtown office building.

But, until recently, I really, really missed how perfectly controlled the HVAC was in that big office I once occupied.

Leaving that office wasn’t easy but, everything turned out pretty good after a while. My company was purchased and my position was eliminated as part of the restructuring. Frankly, I think I just made too much money for the company who took a flamethrower to those jobs held by older, longtime employees. There was a decent severance which I used to get myself set up in my own business. I was still relatively young and my working days were far from over. That meant going out on my own as a free lance corporate consultant. The first order of business was securing a place to actually start the business. Since controlling overhead costs was imperative, I decided to just work from home. After a failed effort to work from my small study, I transformed a bedroom into a suitable work place. It worked fine except that I was not at all that comfortable with the temperature. I like to work in an environment that is cooler than most people would choose. This did not go over well in the house. So, I called the HVAC people and asked them for a solution. That solution came in the form of ductless HVAC for my home office. Once the ductless unit was installed, which didn’t take but a few hours, I knew it was the answer. Now, I can keep my office at just the right temperature.

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I can’t wait to retire as an HVAC technician

I honestly can’t wait to retire.

I have been an HVAC technician for a long time, and I am about ready to quit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anything else. I love my job as an HVAC technician, and I have enjoyed how much this job has changed my life. Sure, I could have had a better paying job or a job that provided me with more benefits, but being an HVAC technician has changed my life. I honestly doubt that I would be the man that I am today if I wouldn’t have decided to become an HVAC technician. Thankfully, I decided to become an HVAC technician. Most of my life has been spent in other people’s homes working on their furnace or air conditioner. In the HVAC company where I worked, I was the one who did service calls at people’s houses. Sometimes, it was very frustrating to have a homeowner watching me while I fixed their HVAC unit, but I got to meet a lot of great people as an HVAC technician, including my wife. However, my body just can’t handle the HVAC work like it used to. My mind is struggling to remember everything, and I can’t always figure out how to fix the HVAC unit that I am supposed to fix. I am also slower than I was before, and I am having to charge people more because it is taking me longer to do my work. I only have a few more months with the HVAC company before I can retire. I am not going to quit early, but I won’t lie and tell you that I am not excited about retiring from my position as an HVAC technician.

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My first apartment had a central air conditioner

I really miss my old apartment.

  • That old apartment was the first apartment that I ever rented by myself.

After I found myself a decent-paying job, I immediately moved out of my house into my own place. I love my parents, but moving out was good for me. I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so the apartments that I could afford were very few. The apartment that I ended up selecting was the prettiest one that I could find, but it was still an ugly apartment. However, the best part about my old apartment was that it had a central air conditioner. When I was looking for an apartment, I definitely didn’t expect to find an apartment in my range that had a working central air conditioner. However, this apartment had a central air conditioner, and I loved it. The central air conditioner worked well, and I didn’t have to buy any window air conditioners. However, I eventually decided to move into my own house, but there was only one problem. My new house was my own, but it didn’t have a central air conditioner. I can’t afford to purchase a central air conditioner right now, so I am having to work with a few window air conditioners. Now, I am glad that I at least have window air conditioners, but I miss the convenience of my old central air conditioner. I really hope that I am able to purchase a central air conditioner for my house soon. Part of me wishes that I would have stayed in my old house until I was able to afford the central air conditioner.

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The heating system on the bus never felt warm enough

As a kid, I learned to appreciate the warmth of my home.

We had a nice furnace in my house, and my dad always made sure that the bills were paid so that the furnace would work.

Also, my dad knew an HVAC technician that made sure that our furnace was always working when we needed it. As a kid, I never had to worry that the furnace wouldn’t work. However, despite the great heating system in our house, I quickly learned that the heating system that was on the school bus was easily the worst heating system ever. I don’t know why the people that made the school bus didn’t put a better heating system in the school bus. I remember during cold winter mornings that we would be freezing on the bus. Unless we always wore our heavy coats, the heating system wasn’t enough to keep everyone warm. I understand why the heating system didn’t work well. Most of the windows couldn’t close all of the way on the bus, and that meant that some of the heat wasn’t reaching us and staying on the bus. Also, the bus had to open the doors all of the time, and the heating system had a lot of waste there too. The bus wasted a lot of heat, and the heating system couldn’t keep up with it. However, the people that made the bus knew that these problems would happen, so they should have made the heating system better to accommodate for that loss of heat.

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My mom always turned on the heating system in our car during the winter while waiting for the bus

My mother just passed away, and it absolutely crushed me.

I can’t believe that when I try to call my mom next, she won’t be answering.

All of those times that I decided not to listen when my mom was talking have caused me to think back with regret. I wish that I would have spent more time with my mom. There were so many things that she did for me that I have literally never even thought about until now. One of those things had to do with the heating system in our car. We lived in the North, and the temperatures in the North got very cold during the winter. Thankfully, we had a good heating system in our house, and we never had to worry about being cold while we were in the house with the furnace running. However, I rode the school bus to school. During the winter, we never knew when the bus would be here, so we would have to wait outside for 10-20 minutes for the bus to come. While outside, it was very cold. However, I remember that my mom would turn on the car and turn on the heating system in the car. She would let the heating system warm up in the car before I needed to start standing outside. Every morning, she would walk out to the car with me and wait for the school bus. I was never cold with the heating system running, and I remember talking with her and spending time with her. She wasted a ton of gas just to use that heating system, but she did it because she loved me. I sure do miss her.


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Finding our way with an Heating plus A/C task

Once upon a time there was a little boy who hated school.

That boy was me, from the genuinely first day I went to elementary school, until our genuinely last day of private school, I never cared for it.

My Mom explained it to myself and others this way — he worked, our mom took care of the house, plus I went to school. That was our task, until I was old enough to have a task. I just looked forward to having the type of task that paid money, to which our Mom said that doing well in school would get myself and others more money later. He was an Heating plus A/C man, plus had been so since he had graduated from private school some 15 years earlier. He never tried to actively recruit myself and others to follow in his footsteps, but I did learn a lot about heating plus cooling systems over the years, just through proximity. When it did come time for myself and others to get a real task, I found that all the real world Heating plus A/C experience I had accumulated over the years was more valuable than our diploma. It was genuinely straight-forward to get an OK task with our Mom’s employing Heating plus A/C business, however it was just OK at first. I come to find out that going back to school was necessary because I needed to get our Heating plus A/C certification before they could hire myself and others as a dealer. I worked area time while I took the Heating plus A/C prep courses at night, but I found them much easier than private school had ever been.



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Teaching my sibling a thing or more than one about AC

This recent lockdown over the coronavirus absolutely had us spending more time together than usual, because my Heating as well as A/C shop was closed down for a few weeks… Jennifer had been wanting a fully updated Heating as well as A/C method in her cabin for a while now, so I finally had the extra time to do it for her

My sibling was always the smart 1, when it came to college. She was a year older than me, as well as although both of us got along better than most siblings, she still annoyed me with her “professor’s pet” status at the local colleges, and no matter what professor I had, they always said the same thing, “you’re Jennifer’s sister, I hope you’re as sharp as she is!” Always being compared to someone can build up resentment, especially when you guess that woman is much, much smarter than you. Thankfully those days are long behind us, as well as no 1 compares us any more. She is a writer, as well as I am an Heating as well as A/C business, so both of us don’t exactly run in the same circles. This recent lockdown over the coronavirus absolutely had us spending more time together than usual, because my Heating as well as A/C shop was closed down for a few weeks… Jennifer had been wanting a fully updated Heating as well as A/C method in her cabin for a while now, so I finally had the extra time to do it for her. I just moved in for a couple of weeks, so I could work on the heating as well as cooling components, as well as the HVAC ducts as well, as well as not have to travel while in the quarantine. Surprisingly I found her legitimately attentive, as well as she watched closely as I did most of the Heating as well as A/C work, even taking notes sometimes. I felt awesome, because she had always been the smart 1, however when it came to working on heating as well as cooling equipment, as well as providing superior air quality, I was suddenly the smart 1!