For best indoor air quality, add whole house air purifier to HVAC

Like most everyone else, I am completely worn to a nub over the pandemic and all of the ugly results from it.

Of course, I am still following the specific protocols in an effort to minimize our risks.

Working from the comfort and security of our HVAC maintained home is among those efforts. Over all of these months, I have learned to do my job from home. But I really want to get back the office as I just can’t get completely accustomed to working from the HVAC comfort of home. But working from home did allow me to take a big step toward reigning in the HVAC costs over the summer. It was a welcome savings considering that my bonuses have been suspended until this is all over. Being at home also motivated me to take additional steps with regard to the HVAC. I upgraded the HVAC air filters to the HEPA type air filters. They are doing a great job and are removing a minimum of 99.7 percent of all airborne contaminants. This effort to maintain much better indoor air quality led me to add something else to our HVAC. I had the HVAC professionals install a whole house air purifier to the air handler. This thing is actively cleaning the air by using UV light to kill any airborne contaminants that might get through the HVAC filtration. It’s been a weird year. But at least our home has the best indoor air quality possible. At least there will be one positive that we can take away from this period of time.

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