Men are defined by their careers.

Although we don’t often realize it or think about it, men are often defined by their profession.

An attorney is an attorney, even when he is not working. An artist is an artist even without the paintbrush in hand. My husband is definitely defined by his work, sometimes more than others. My husband is an HVAC technician and, until recently, I didn’t realize how much his career defined him as a person or us as a family. You can tell a lot about my husband by his career. For example, you know he respects the law because he passed a background check and his driver’s license is good. You know he has to be in some type of physical shape because the type of work he does demands it. He must be intelligent to go through two years of HVAC training and certification courses. But, my husband’s job as an HVAC technician also defines our socioeconomic status and financial wellbeing. As an HVAC technician, my husband earns twice what I earn, and his employer provides the insurance benefits we depend on. My husband’s career also defines our standing in the community and relationships with family and close friends. People are always asking for HVAC advice and my husband is always willing to give it. He’s even looked at a few units pro-bono for friends and family. That’s what I mean by the fact that my husband is more often defined by his career than most. It seems that even his spare time is consumed by HVAC work. His career as an HVAC technician influences our lives in countless ways.


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