Zone control improves home comfort

With the strict limitations caused by the Coronavirus, I now work from home.

While I’m ecstatic with this arrangement, I’ve needed to make some adjustments.

I started by setting up a dedicated office where I can work separate from interruption. I converted an unused entryway that allows me to shut the door and avoid distractions. Now that I am home throughout the day, I can no longer shut off the oil furnace or air conditioner to conserve energy. I realized that it was costing me a fortune to heat or cool a mainly empty house. I contacted a local Heating and Air Conditioning company and asked about the opportunity of upgrading to zone control, and fortunately our oil furnace, air conditioner and HVAC duct are current enough to accommodate this improvement. It required installing a series of valves into the duct plan to direct airflow. I also needed to invest into thermostats for each room, and because these thermostats feature WIFI connectivity, I’m able to access them through our smartphone. I don’t need to leave our desk to make swings to temperature in every room in the house. While I’m working, I concentrate temperature control in our entryway. I make sure to welcome the kids home from school to a comfortable house. In the evening, when the whole family is headed to bed, I target heating or cooling in the entryways however conserve energy in the downstairs area. Installing zoning into the heating and cooling plan has significantly improved the comfort of our home while also reducing utility costs Because the oil furnace and air conditioner are no longer carrying such a large responsibility, I’m hoping the device lasts longer.


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