Working the “on call” shift is awesome

I know a lot of people can’t handle the unpredictability and ambiguity of working on-call.

I understand why it can be rather stressful to feel like you might be disrupted at any given moment in order to go do a completely unrelated task.

It’s also extremely stressful when you are responsible for other people’s safety and livelihood in this situation. I admit that if I was a doctor I probably wouldn’t enjoy being on call all the time. You can never relax with a good glass of wine if you thought you might be responsible for someone’s life 5 minutes later. As a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation technician, however, I don’t have any problem with being on call. In fact, I enjoy being the emergency repair technician for my heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership. I have been working as the designated emergency repair worker for over 10 years now. Throughout that time I have never been upset about a single air conditioning repair or forced air furnace disaster when I have been called on to duty. In fact, I really appreciate being the person who saves people’s days when they have an unexpected HVAC emergency. It doesn’t bother me one bit that I might be interrupted in my day-to-day activities when somebody is having a heating and cooling breakdown that they can’t handle. In fact, I love feeling like I am the knight in shining armor as I jump into my HVAC work truck and speed to the rescue of my residential HVAC customer. Plus, as long as I can drive, my HVAC job doesn’t require me to stay away from the wine.

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