Working on the top floor is not what it’s cracked up to be

I always used to think that the people who worked up on the top floors of our office building were so lucky.

It always seemed to me that they were moving on up in the world, especially in our business.

See, the executives and everyone who makes the most money in our company always work up on the top floor. They literally would move up in the world as they started at the company on the ground floor and moved up in the ranks. Well, I worked at this place for the past five years, and I have finally worked my way up to the top floor. I was pretty excited about moving to my new office until I actually got up there and realized that the air conditioning didn’t work very well up there. When I finally got my promotion and went into my new office, it was the middle of the summer and the temperatures outside were really climbing. So the office was really hot when I was trying to move in there. By the time I got everything situated and set up, I was sweating like crazy and wishing for the A/C to come on. Then I realized something terrible: the A/C was already running! I held my hand up to the air conditioning vents in the ceiling and noticed that there was a little bit of air coming through it. However, it wasn’t very cold and it was more lukewarm than anything else. Plus, it was barely coming through the air vents. I realized that the heat transfer from the windows and the sunshine was going to be a problem for me. Now, I wish I was still on the lower floors with the other regular employees in the better air conditioning!