Working all the holidays doesn’t seem fair to me

I have to work nearly every holiday in my job as a Heating and A/C specialist.

I have to confess that it gets super annoying a lot of the time.

I know all of the Heating and A/C appliance specialists at our company should have to pitch in and give everyone a chance to legitimately do work on weekends, however, the way our boss does it is he makes the last Heating and A/C appliance specialist hired do all of the holiday work. I suppose it entirely does supply you an incentive to stick around and keep on working with the company, because you think that eventually, they are going to have to hire other Heating and A/C appliance professionals and you are going to get holidays off with your family. At the Heating and A/C company where I work, you get paid for holidays, even when you aren’t actually working. I suppose that’s wonderful, and I legitimately love the company that I work for most of the time. I suppose it just gets very old knowing that since I’m technically the newest HVAC worker, I’m consistently going to be the one doing air conditioning appliance repairs and gas furnace replacements during the holidays until we get a newer HVAC worker. At this point, the Heating and A/C company isn’t really in need of any more specialists to take care of things and so it would seem that I’ll be at the bottom of the ladder for a good amount of time… So who legitimately knows how many holidays I will have to do all of the work before they hire another Heating and A/C appliance specialist to take over? I just have to keep my eyes on the prize and know that eventually my time will be up.


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