Wife compulsively bakes, cuts down on HVAC

I knew that it was going to be a bad idea when my wife started watching The Great British Bake Off series on Netflix.

For many years I had managed to keep the television program away from her eager eyes.

I recognized that this was going to be one of the external influences that could potentially corrupt my wife’s brain. You see, she has an unfortunate habit of picking up new hobbies and getting extremely obsessive about them. The last thing that I wanted was a kitchen full of pies and crumpets because she thought they looked adorable on the television. Well, so much for that strategy. My wife has been watching the baking show Non-Stop and filling our house with the warm, comforting smells of baked goods ever since. I will say, there is one benefit to her new baking obsession. Our heating and cooling expenses are lower than ever. Since the winter season started rolling into our area the outdoor air temperature has greatly declined. We have been having hot and cold temperature fluctuations for a few weeks, but the outdoor climate is generally trending towards freezing. This means, we would normally be running our central heating and cooling system everyday to manage the indoor Heat. I appreciate our central heating system for all of its warmth and the temperature control, but it’s not cheap to rely on a forced air furnace all the time. Thanks to my wife speaking, the kitchen is consistently filled with warm air from the oven. We’ve actually been able to cut down on our energy bills as we quickly pile the pounds on to our hips.

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