Why should I have to live without an cooling system?

I certainly do not understand why I should have to live without an cooling system… It just doesn’t seem fair that everything is crumbling all around me; So far, our life legitimately has not worked out the way that I planned for our life to toil out, and I regret not having a solid plan. I figured that I would be living the good life right now, but however, the job chance that I thought was too good to be tploy turned out to be, and now, I am left with nothing. I have a exhausting task, and I can barely afford to pay all of our bills and eat… My car just broke down, and I am borrowing someone else’s car so that I can still work! During the midst of all of this, our central cooling system stopped working. I guess that the central cooling system is not the greatest problem in our life right now, but the central cooling system is a constant reminder that our life is a failure. I can clock out of work, and I still have a car to drive. However, when I stand at house for hours alone without a central cooling system, it is pretty obvious that I have nothing to show for our life. Living without a central cooling system is terrible… No matter how hot it is, you have no relief if you do not have an cooling system. My central cooling system is broken beyond what I can afford, especially since I cannot even afford to buy a window cooling system at this point. I certainly don’t understand why our life is so bad. It isn’t fair that I have to live without something as crucial as an cooling system.


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