What a crazy surprise

For a long time we have been climbing the walls on week 5 of our quarantine, as well as totally run out of things I like to do, but both of us played all the video games, all the board games, watched many of the movies the two of us had, as well as basically run through every fun thing the two of us had in the house, then my wife reminded myself and others of her family’s aged chalet up by the ocean, as well as the two of us thought that would be a good thing to do, however it would still be all alone, just in a different place, so it would be a good change of scenery for us.

It did not occur to us until after the two of us had arrived that the aged chalet may not have a working cooling system! This place had been built long before central AC was even a thing that everyday men and women could have in their homes! When the two of us got there the two of us found that there was in fact no central air conditioner, which was a bummer. however the two of us did see the mounting bracket on the kitchen window where a box style AC unit would fit, so the two of us started to look for it. Both of us found it up in the attic, an AC system that looked to be more rust than metal, that was easily older than our wife as well as I put together! Very, really gently the two of us carried it downstairs and eventually set it in the AC mounting bracket, then gingerly clogged it in. At the time we were so surprised when it started to blow out cooling air, as well as even more surprised when it started blasting out acorns, from where a squirrel had been living inside it!


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