We’re seeing record highs and we’re not even in July yet

I like to spend as much of my free time outside and on my boat during the summer season. I have many hobbies, but I like getting on my boat whenever I can. I love the feel of the rush of air on my face as it gentle ripples through my hair. I can accelerate the motor and melt into the landscape that I see before me. It’s a really amazing experience, even if the sky is cloudy or the water is murky. As much as I love being outside during summer, my region has seen record breaking highs in July every year for the past four. It was hard enough when the heat index peaked above 100 degrees, now the actual temperatures in the middle of the afternoon are well above 100. I don’t know how to handle it, even if I’m going at full speed on my boat with rushing winds, the painful glow from the sun’s radiant heat is a constant sensation. My house feels the difference as well. I had to get a new air conditioner this year because mine was failing to keep temperatures below 80 degrees indoors during intense midsummer heat waves. Once the sun peaks above the top of the skyline, the rays start hitting the western side of the house during the late afternoon blaze. My new air conditioner is an improvement on the last one for sure, but I’m still struggling to keep the temperature at a point where I’m comfortable from the start of the day till the very end. I’d like to pay less money in energy expenses as well.

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