We installed radiant heat beneath our ramp.

Every time it snows, or it gets cold, our ramp ices up.

My husband has tried the snow blower, the leaf blower, and even the heat gun, to keep the ramp cleaned off.

Since I had my car accident, I have had many surgeries and I have a hard time getting up and down stairs. Without the ramp, I have no way in and out of my home. After the last snowstorm, he said he was tired of spending hours trying to deice the ramp. He said he had to come with another way to get it cleaned and quickly. He started talking about a hot water heater and pumping the hot water to pipes that would be zig-zagged under the ramp. I looked at him and said that he was talking about radiant heating for the ramp. He just gave me an odd look and then said if that was how I wanted to look at it then it was going to be radiant heating. I am normally so right that I am wrong, as far as he’s concerned. As he began putting pipes beneath the ramp, I offered to help. He told me that I would just be in the way. My dad was an HVAC technician and he taught me a lot about radiant heating, but my husband didn’t want my help? I knew he was afraid I would be able to do the work just as good if not better than he could. When I questioned him about this, he told me I was a pain in the butt, but he didn’t deny that I was right.