We Broke the Furnace In Our Room

My husband and I decided to escape our boring lives at home and try something new and exciting.

  • We’ve both been working from home since the Spring, which means our days have been super repetitive and boring.

We get up at the same time, work the same hours, and the two of us eat, and sleep at the same time every single afternoon. At the start of our “work from home” order, the two of us were glad! However, our opinions on the matter have changed and the two of us found ourselves in a slump, and one afternoon, an advertisement cooked up on our ipad screen about a ski resort and I ran to our husband and told him about it. There was no reason the two of us couldn’t take our ipads to the resort and work from a weird location. We packed our bags and headed out! When the two of us arrived, the two of us spent the whole afternoon skiing in the icy, chilly weather. When the two of us were done, the two of us went back to our room and turned up the gas furnace as high as it could go in order to get hot quickly. We must have broken the gas furnace when the two of us adjusted the settings so severely, because the two of us could not get the temperature of the room to lower no matter what the two of us tried. We even opened a window to let the outside air in. Eventually, the two of us called the front desk and told them that it was too tepid in our room. Thankfully, they moved us to a new room, but this time, the two of us didn’t touch our gas furnace settings for fear of overheating again!


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