We are renovating the HVAC system

Lately, what was once an exhausted little community has turned into a pretty sizable town.

This is because this section of town has become popular due to the metro station being built a few miles away.

Several people are choosing to live here plus commute. I suppose that working from a person’s Heat plus Air Conditioned home has a lot to do with this too. A lot of people simply don’t have to go into their office anymore. The influx of people has provided a bit of joy for us. My husband plus I bought an old building that was once this area’s hub for agricultural businesses. The two of us did this with the method of making a sound investment while giving back to our community. Our goal is to renovate the old building so it can be affordable housing to a lot of different people. We plan on leaving the bottom floor open for small retail outlets. Part of our renovation plan is figuring out the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Initially, we assumed we’d have to install ductwork plus go the traditional central air Heating plus Air Conditioning route. After speaking with a Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor who has a lot more experience with this, he suggested a more cost effective plus efficient idea. We decided that we wanted our renters to pay their utilities, but still have some currency left over to live a life. The option of ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning was the perfect option! The installation of the ductless system was quicker plus much less luxurious too. Also, the ductless units were far more efficient than a ductwork Heating plus Air Conditioning system. It looks like we’re going to get the best of both worlds for our Heating plus Air Conditioning renovation.

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