Troubleshooting the HVAC system

When the heat pump doesn’t work, there are a few things that you can check on your own before you call a professional, however it’s important to make sure that the temperature control is set to the heating mode.

If the temperature control does not work in the heating mode however it still works in the cool mode, then you have trouble with the heat pump for sure.

If the heat pump does not work in heat or cool, the temperature control may be the problem. It doesn’t cost a lot of currency to buy a temperature control. Plus Supercenters plus hardware stores will carry a few strange models in stock. If the temperature control does not solve the problem, then you might need to check if the fuses plus circuit breakers are all on, and most of the heat pump repairs are often due to faulty or loose wire. Dirty air filters can also prevent the flow of air; a lack of air flow can cause a number of problems plus eventually ruin the entire heat pump, however the heat pump should also have a new filter every other month as long as it is the cold, winter season. All of these repairs can help solve several heat pump problems plus save the homeowner hundreds of dollars on a call to their professional heating supplier… And when our family plus I woke up to a cold house, the people I was living with and I used these helpful tips to learn that our temperature control needed to be replaced. I was going to call someone to help, however the people I was living with and I managed to solve the issue on our own. Now the heat pump works nice plus the people I was living with and I saved an immense fee.

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