This thing could use a new look

My Grandmother is turning 95 at the end of the week in addition to I entirely wanted to do something ultra special for her birthday. I thought about the gift for weeks in addition to weeks but I did not come up with anything that felt would be the right present. A few weeks ago, I was spending time with our dear old Grandmother in the living room in addition to I observed the chaise in the corner under a stack of garbage. The aged chaise lounge was raggedy in addition to in poor condition. I remembered a distant time when our Grandmother would rock myself and others to sleep on the tiny beautiful sofa. I played with our dolls from time to time in addition to I even crawled up on the small lounge in addition to fell asleep once or twice. I immediately got a great idea. I called a couple of people to find out how much it would cost to reupholster in addition to fully repair the furniture. I slyly took some pictures of the furniture when our dear old Grandmother was out of the room. I needed something to show the upholstery service when I finally met with them about the project. When the lady saw the sofa, she was so enthusiastic with me to take the task. She told myself and others the furniture reminded her of living in Germany during that time, so I thought that was an honestly interesting story for us both. The upholstery expert even offered to repair some of the scratches for free. I think this is a great gift.

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