This place is very cold

Schools, businesses, & diners have been closed for 30 days now.

My family & I had to find a way to entertain ourselves.

We had a whole garage full of wood panels, multiple-by-fours, & drywall. We decided to build a small tree house in multiple of the oak trees in the backyard. I tested the project from sunup until sundown. I came in for supper with the youngsters, although I worked outside the rest of the morning. It took multiple weeks to complete the treehouse project. Now that it is finished, the youngsters are having a great time hanging out in the trees. We only have a single problem to fix. It’s entirely moderate inside of the treehouse & the heat & humidity are only going to get worse as the summer time progresses. My wife & I had a great idea. We thought about buying a small portable to put in the tree house. We even talked to the local HVAC corporation about the idea. The corporation told us that he could really install a portable , although he also said it wasn’t a entirely hard job. He gave us the name of a few unusual portable s that would work well in this application. My wife & I went to the hardware store to find 1 of the s. We had to run a dedicated extension cord out to the Treehouse, although I managed to hang the portable in a high corner. It’s out of the way where the youngsters won’t bother it, & it still provides a great deal of cooling power to the whole room.
Hybrid HVAC system