This kid has his own HVAC

Looking at our son’s life today, I suddenly and significantly realized how easy & pampered his life is, compared to when I was a child.

My dear little child has converted our shed to his own personal playhouse, which we don’t mind lending him. The two of us had lighting & electricity added to the shed as well, & to top it off for him, we recently gifted him his own mini conveyable air conditioner. So now it’s essentially as though he has his own little house in our backyard that he can go & play in whenever he personally wants, and it comes with an air conditioner. When I was a child, our friends & I had to build our own stick forts, & hope they could rest the hot & cold temperatures & the weather, which they often didn’t survive. The two of us were often rained on & dealt with tepid & chilly hot & cold temperatures outdoors. My child will never believe those struggles, but perhaps that’s a wonderful thing for him, because I would want him to have a better life than I had growing up. But still, sometimes I look at his lifestyle, & can’t help but to wish I had something similar to that as a kid. It doesn’t matter now, since I am an adult & could buy our own massive house if I wanted to, but it would have been awesome as a kid. Anyways, I just hope our little child realizes how lucky he is, & doesn’t grow up to be too spoiled. Because if he starts acting up in a few years, then I will certainly have to start taking away time from his mini house & air conditioner.

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