This ancient apartment that all of us are restoring has some concerns

We bought a really ancient apartment last year & all of us are working on restoring it a little bit at a time.

We knew that all of us were going to have to do some restoration & updating on the heating & cooling plan in the house, however all of us never thought that it would end up taking quite as long as it has.

We have been having so several concerns with the furnace & the a/c in this location that it’s strenuous to believe. We thought that it would really be an straight-forward fix, however actually, all of us thought that all of us would just wait until the last minute to work on the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan since all of us thought that it wouldn’t really end up being an issue for us, but boy, did that turn out to be a wrong assumption. We went ahead & did all of the carpet replacement, the window replacements, & the appliance replacements that needed to be done. Then when all of us finally got ready to do the heating & cooling system, all of us thought that it would only take a couple of weeks to get done, but now that we’ve been working on getting the furnace & the a/c plan completely redone, along with the ventilation ducts & the air registers. It ended up taking months to get the regular furnace & a/c parts for the apartment because of all of the shutdowns that happened this year because of the coronavirus. At this point, I’m start to wonder if all of us are ever going to be able to finish updating this house!


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