Things get expensive when she detects mold

Sometimes I feel like my wife is way too sensitive.

Don’t get me wrong, she is allowed to have her feelings and her opinions about life.

I would never try to quiet somebody’s personal experience. However, there are certain issues that we struggle to overcome as a couple because she is so hyper-vigilant in areas of our life. I noticed this was an issue back in the day when she started learning about indoor air temperature and air quality control. She suddenly became rather obsessive when it came down to performing routine heating and cooling upgrades, changing the air filters, and installing new HVAC equipment. She desperately wanted to manage our indoor air quality by removing as many airborne contaminants as possible. I was on board with her plan to increase our respiratory Health through air quality management… But it seems like enough is never enough. More recently, I had to buckle up for a new round of air quality obsession after my wife found mold growing in our bathroom. She became so concerned that we had mold and mildew popping up in the humidity space that she immediately called out to the most high priced air quality control specialist in town. She began upgrading all of our central heating and cooling equipment again, including new air purification methods and high-priced air filters. She had all of the ductwork ripped out and replaced to make sure there were no spores hidden in the walls. After all of this heating and cooling expense, we might have healthier respiratory systems… But our bank account is really suffering.