They are too smart

When my little ones were growing up I consistently wanted them to understand how things worked in the real world.

  • I don’t believe love parents are doing their children any favors when they protect them too much from the stresses of managing your finances & family life.

It is rather tough to balance your family budget these days when do several things are abruptly increasing. I had usually wanted my kids to have a enjoyable handle on responsible money practices, including managing their energy bills, but one of the most fancy parts of being a human these days is dealing with the unfortunate climate change, then both of us have to use our central heating & cooling system on a proper basis to keep my indoor air pollen levels within reason. It can be tough to pay off the energy price when your heating & cooling system is running each day, then this is why I tried to educate my kids on heating & cooling maintenance, repair, & temperature control settings. I wanted them to understand that you cannot crank the temperature control in either direction without consequences for your entire heating & cooling unit. Your a/c device & forced air heating system will break down much sooner if you are usually messing with the indoor air temperature control settings. I taught my kids these important skills from an early age… But now I regret it periodically. In fact, they have become little heating & cooling Nazis. Any moment that I touch the temperature control to raise the indoor air temperature up or down a few degrees both of the kids start lecturing myself and others on proper Heating & Air Conditioning control settings.
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