The party ruined my HVAC

Back when I first started college, some friends and I were so excited to be truly on or own and independent for the first time that we decided to throw a bit of a party.

It was an exciting and somewhat scary realization but we had already decided that we would do our best to face it head on and make the most of the experience, and like any group of college kids, we brought tons of food to snack on and invite everyone we knew.

We had long since debated where to have the party and eventually it was agreed upon that we could all celebrate at my new apartment. While the party we had was a huge success, it didn’t come without its consequences I suppose if you get a bunch of half-drunk rowdy people all packed into a one bedroom apartment there is bound to be some issues. I had food and drinks that had spilled all over my nice and new air conditioning system, the heater wasn’t spared either and the whole thing was just one big mess. The whole HVAC needed to be cleaned and repaired. I called the building maintenance people the following day to send out the HVAC technician so he could take a look at my HVAC unit and hopefully get it repaired. When the heating and cooling professional came out and took a look I was told the damage wasn’t too bad but it would need a good and thorough cleaning. Thankfully after it was cleaned well, I tested it by turning on the a/c on the thermostat and all was fine again.


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