The humidity was so bad; it fogged the windows on the inside.

The humidity outside was so high that the air was saturated.

Every one of us had a dehumidifier in the air conditioning unit, but the humidity was very forming on the inside of the windows.

Every one of us had to do something. I changed the air filters plus then I called the HVAC corporation; I had a feeling something was wrong with the air conditioning equipment if the humidity was this exhausting inside. My fear was that I would end up with mold in the house, plus that is the last thing I wanted to happen. Mold can be very extravagant to get out of the house. You need to have mold remediation done, plus if the mold is too bad, you need to have the walls torn out. I was thinking that maybe I should have an air purification system installed in the house, along with a dehumidifier. I guess I said I had a dehumidifier in the air conditioning unit, but it didn’t seem to be working very well. When I got in touch with the HVAC corporation, they asked many questions plus then told me they would be at the apartment on the following Thursday. I had to take off a couple hours work so I could be lake apartment when the HVAC corporation arrived. I was sure that when they got there, I was going to have them install an air purification system along with a dehumidifier. Even if it isn’t a necessity, it will put my mind at ease, plus make my lake apartment more comfortable. After all, isn’t that what the HVAC system is for; to make your life as comfortable as you want it to be.


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