The heating system on the bus never felt warm enough

As a kid, I learned to appreciate the warmth of my home.

We had a nice furnace in my house, and my dad always made sure that the bills were paid so that the furnace would work.

Also, my dad knew an HVAC technician that made sure that our furnace was always working when we needed it. As a kid, I never had to worry that the furnace wouldn’t work. However, despite the great heating system in our house, I quickly learned that the heating system that was on the school bus was easily the worst heating system ever. I don’t know why the people that made the school bus didn’t put a better heating system in the school bus. I remember during cold winter mornings that we would be freezing on the bus. Unless we always wore our heavy coats, the heating system wasn’t enough to keep everyone warm. I understand why the heating system didn’t work well. Most of the windows couldn’t close all of the way on the bus, and that meant that some of the heat wasn’t reaching us and staying on the bus. Also, the bus had to open the doors all of the time, and the heating system had a lot of waste there too. The bus wasted a lot of heat, and the heating system couldn’t keep up with it. However, the people that made the bus knew that these problems would happen, so they should have made the heating system better to accommodate for that loss of heat.

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