Technology is getting out of hand

If you ask me all of the fancy gear that is installed in peoples houses these days isn’t nearly as cool or important as most tend to think.

  • Before you just brush off my comments as being an old guy who has it out for the new generation just hear me out.

While there is some technology that has been implemented which has done more harm than good I still hold the feeling that most of it has just made people lazy and less capable of taking care of themselves. Just a couple of days ago I drove down south to visit my grandson and his two kids for the weekend. After taking only one step into the home I felt as if I had stepped into a refrigerator because it was so cold. I asked my grandson what the HVAC contractor was thinking when he decided to install such a large air conditioning unit into a medium sized home like the one they lived in. My grandson had no idea that this A/C unit was too large or this home, and after further inspection of the unit I discovered that there was a large amount of condensation gathering around the unit. This can lead to mildew growth, water damage, and so many other things. Now if my grandson knew even the basics of HVAC repair and maintenance he wouldn’t have had this problem happen to him, but due to society’s reliance of others handling these problems he is now going to have to pay a good chunk of money to fix this. Maybe I am just old and getting grouchy, but I know without question that I hold at least some credibility with this argument.


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