Teaching my sister a thing or two about AC

My sister was always the smart one, when it came to school.

She was a year older than me, and although we got along better than most siblings, she still irritated me with her “teacher’s pet” status at the local schools.

No matter what teacher I had, they always said the same thing, “you’re Jennifer’s brother, I hope you’re as sharp as she is!” Always being compared to someone can build up resentment, especially when you know that person is much, much smarter than you. Thankfully those days are long behind us, and no one compares us any more. She is a writer, and I am an HVAC technician, so we don’t exactly run in the same circles. This recent lockdown over the coronavirus actually had us spending more time together than usual, because my HVAC shop was closed down for a few weeks. Jennifer had been wanting a fully upgraded HVAC system in her house for a while now, so I finally had the extra time to do it for her. I just moved in for a couple of weeks, so I could work on the heating and cooling components, and the air ducts as well, and not have to travel during the quarantine. Surprisingly I found her very attentive, and she watched closely as I did most of the HVAC work, even taking notes sometimes. I felt awesome, because she had always been the smart one, but when it came to working on heating and cooling equipment, and providing superior air quality, I was suddenly the smart one!
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