Stick with your HVAC responsibilities

I can’t even count the times I have attempted to do something or start something and have utterly failed.

I can still hear the echos of the laughter after one of my spectacular face plant fails.

But, I am also the absent minded sort who walks in a room, has no idea why and proceeds to inspect the HVAC setting. When you combine those two characteristics, it’s a wonder I was allowed a drivers license. However, I plug along trying to maintain my tattered pride when I can. I think most of my problem is a lack of staying locked in. My mind tends to drift and fade in and out. That’s why I make all my lists. Before I go to bed each night, I turn down the HVAC to the sleep setting and then go over my list. There are a few of them. However, it’s the daily and weekly responsibilities that I tend to pay the most attention to. One of the things that is my responsibility alone is the HVAC. I have to be sure that it is taken care of in whatever form necessary. The HVAC maintenance isn’t so much of a thing anymore. I was able to join an HVAC service program offered by my HVAC company. This way, they are able to email me an appointment date and all I have to do is acknowledge. I don’t even have to be at home anymore as they have a key. But, I do have to make sure the HVAC air filter is changed every single month without fail. I make sure that chore lands on all my lists.