Starting with customer one

My cousin Angela and I consistently dreamed of toiling together when both of us were kids; Even when both of us were both too young to even suppose what sort of work both of us might be interested in, both of us still knew that both of us wanted to do it together! Most young kids’ dreams don’t end up exactly how they planned them, however Angela and I went to university together and majored in web development and internet marketing, and when both of us graduated from university and first started up our digital marketing company, both of us didn’t absolutely suppose what both of us were doing, but sure, both of us had been in classes for web design, internet marketing, and SEO services, however as far as putting that to use out in the real world, both of us were kind of clueless… All of us decided to start slow and try to build a good client base for our digital marketing services… I will never forget the morning that both of us went after our first major client.

It was a small, family owned ice cream shop here in town.

All of us both loved their products and the way that they had a flavor of the morning each morning of the week, then they had good promotional ideas, too, like puppy cone morning and free kids cone morning. All of us knew that they had a good thing going, however both of us wanted to try and increase their foot traffic with maximum exposure from our social media management ideas. All of us got them to sign up with us and both of us totally redesigned their website design and got right to work on their social media management. Within many weeks, they had almost doubled their sales!

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