Solar power is saving our family

It helps that we can run the air conditioner

A few months ago I honestly thought that my wife and I were headed straight for the court system. It seems like we simply couldn’t overcome our personal differences and our relationship was dissolving. We were doing our best to keep everything together for the sake of our kids, but our persistence was quickly coming to an end. It seems like we simply couldn’t agree on simple household responsibilities anymore, let alone at the messy details of our emotional lives. One of the things that consistently made us argue was our energy bill. Because we live in a large home with central heating and cooling, it was difficult to keep our monthly utilities under control. My wife and I had very different opinions when it came to operating the thermostat, heating system, and air conditioning unit. We were genuinely driving each other up the wall with our temperature control bickering and financial stresses due to the energy bill. That’s why we finally made the decision to switch our HVAC system to solar power. We realize that we could easily take advantage of government incentives on the energy saving solar powered programs and connect our heating and cooling system to the alternative energy source. Since we had our house converted to solar power energy, our energy bills have disappeared. We don’t have to worry about the thermostat settings or our temperature differences anymore. These days, I feel a lot less stressed out and a lot more comfortable in my own home. It helps that we can run the air conditioner. I can say with certainty that solar power has saved our family.

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