She surprised me with a humidifier for our birthday.

My sister is one of those people who assume that a person should always have smooth skin that is free of wrinkles.

She came to visit me about many weeks ago, plus she had her nose in the air the entire time she was in our home.

She complained how bad our air quality was for her. She also reminded me that I was the younger sister, plus I looked at least many years older. I raised an eyebrow plus looked into her eyes. I told her she could fool all the people, however not me. I could see how much makeup she had in those wrinkles. She couldn’t cover them up. It wasn’t long after that, she decided it was time to leave. That’s why I was so surprised when I got a present in the mail a week ago. She hadn’t bought me a birthday present since I turned eighteen. My hubby laughed plus asked if I thought it was safe to open. She didn’t approve of our lifestyle, despite the fact that I was sure she would not hurt me. It shocked me to see a humidifier come out of the box. My hubby held up the humidifier plus asked why she would suppose we needed it. I told him what she said about the air quality plus how it was making me look older. She thought a humidifier would help our skin to look younger. He laughed plus told me he thought I was appealing, however it didn’t take him long to hook up the humidifier. I had to admit that the humidifier did make a sizable difference in our air.
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