She became a mother for the first time

Easter has always been a day of joy and family get togethers.

This year, even with the virus hanging over our heads, we wanted to keep that joy and celebratory feeling still around.

I started getting supper ready when I got a call from my daughter. I knew she was expecting her first baby, & I was hoping she was calling to tell me the baby was on the way. I couldn’t believe my ears when she not only said the baby was coming, but it was a boy. My baby was having a baby! She was going to deliver in about an hour. I was so cheerful that I cried. I was going to be a grandma. She stayed home and was doing well. My girl had to keep the furnace on to keep the house warm for the baby. Since my daughter’s husband wasn’t home, it was a great thing she was staying with her buddies. It was safer for her to be with somebody who could be there for her. My daughter said it took them a couple of tries to get the furnace running. From what I gathered, she had to call the Heating & A/C corporation to get it up & moving. She said there was no way she was going to go without the furnace now that she had her babies in the house. I had to laugh when she told me this. I never thought my child would be a mother.

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