Sales person going into others homes

I am an HVAC salesman and it is my job to go into people’s homes to make sure that their HVAC systems are working properly. It is also my job to sell them a new HVAC system if they are in need of an upgrade. I normally like to sell people on a new HVAC system because I get a great commission off of it. However, most people are very hesitant to upgrade their HVAC systems because it typically costs a lot of money to replace. I like to give them options that will help them save money, but in reality it just costs a lot of money to have your HVAC system replaced. I hope that when I go into someone’s home they don’t see me as a sleazy sales guy, but I will do almost anything in order to make a sale and that is why I am the number one sales guy at my company. I have been given awards for years because I am so good at selling HVAC systems. Many of the younger guys on my team want to work with me because they know I will be able to teach them how to make a sale and become very successful. However, I am very cautious about who I take under my wing because I don’t want some guy kid learning from me and then stealing all my clients. I think that I am just going to keep selling HVAC systems on my own for now because it’s what I am good at doing.

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