Sadly I can’t keep the window A/C machine I bought

I am terribly frustrated.

I actually just bought this cooling machine, plus now, I realize that I cannot keep this cooling system… This is very difficult for me, plus I do not know what I am going to do.

I guess that I should have been nicer to my parents. I would still have a residence to stay in, plus I would still have my window cooling machine. I saved up a tremendous amount of money for that window cooling machine. My parents were firmly against buying me a window cooling system. However, I came to realize that they were right. They didn’t want me to have a cooling system because they did not want to buy a window cooling system for everyone in the house. I have a lot of siblings, plus they would have wanted a window cooling machine if our parents decided to buy me a window cooling machine. Instead, they made a compromise. I could have a window cooling machine if I got a task plus worked for the cooling system. I did work for the cooling machine, plus I just had it installed a few months ago. However, I do not have that window cooling machine any longer. My parents plus I haven’t been doing all that well, plus we have been arguing a lot. This time, I got frustrated, plus I tried to hit my father. He didn’t react with violence, although he did kick me out of the residence. I had nowhere to go, plus when I was packing, I knew that I didn’t have room for the window machine. I didn’t even have a car. I am sure that the cooling machine won’t even be there by the time that I get an apartment plus stuff. I guess that I should have been more kind to my parents.

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