Research is helped by a smart thermostat

Our first teaching job was in a community college multiple states away! Because I was still a rookie teacher, I was assigned to do research on many topics in preparation for the coming semester… So many books were on our table plus the principal’s assistant said that it was all I needed for a full month of research. The heat was unbearable, plus the air conditioning was not that good, and i needed to tell someone to lower the temperature some more, with that mission in mind, I walked up to the head librarian’s office, and he was not there, then after finding the custodian, I saw that I was the only one in the bookstore plus that I could undoubtedly well regulate their thermostat. I looked for the thermostat plus to our joy, it was an automated thermostat that connected to our Wi-Fi. All I did was connected the remote control to our Wi-Fi then I was able to access the air conditioning units in the bookstore. I turned off those that were far away from our table plus turned on the two cooling systems near me. It completely made a big difference. The cool air felt relaxing as I concentrated on getting the information I needed from the old books. After 3 hours, I had to get some lunch. I provided to get the custodian a nice meal since the cafeteria was closed as well. When I came back, I provided the kind custodian his lunch. I flipped on the air conditioning again plus ate in the bookstore as I did our work. The custodian stopped by after his lunch plus told myself and others I could just leave everything, plus he would make sure that nothing was touched… Before I called it a day, I separated the accomplished tasks from the others plus flipped off the cooling system. I never thought I would accomplish that much. The air conditioning equipment truly helped boost our efforts.

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