Renovating house and adding radiant floors

For my partner and I, the location of our house was the priority. The people I was with and I wanted a good amount of property and privacy where our teenagers can safely play. The people I was with and I looked for a wonderful school district and hoped to be within a adequate drive from local restaurants and shops. When all of us found the ideal spot, the house was a complete mess, then it had been left vacant for multiple years. The people I was with and I were faced with broken windows, a leaking roof and tons of damage from water and vermin. The people I was with and I decided that our best option was to gut the house right down to the bare studs and start over, then since my partner and I own and operate a construction dealer, all of us have the experience, skills and tools to handle such a large project. About the only thing all of us were able to reuse was the boiler furnace in the basement. The people I was with and I called in a licensed Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer to assess the system, and he said that with a thorough service, the furnace should last us quite a few more years. The original house was outfitted with gigantic and seriously ugly radiators in each room. Since all of us were already planning to tear out the floors, all of us opted for radiant heating. The people I was with and I now have a series of pipes that connect to the boiler and are concealed beneath the new ceramic stone and hardwood floors all of us put down. The pipes carry boiling water and spread heat evenly across the floor, warming every object that contacts the surface. The heat rises slowly, avoiding drafts, colds spots and maintaining a consistent temperature from floor to ceiling. I enjoy that I don’t need to arrange furniture around vents or deal with unsightly heating equipment. The radiant floor heating is absolutely silent and lovelyly energy efficient. No matter how cold the weather outside, our new house is perfectly warm and comfortable.

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