Portable cooling system for camping is luxurious weekend purchase

Some of my friends have more currency than nice ideas… It was legitimately clear when a buddy of mine bought a portable AC equipment for camping, and the portable AC equipment was $269, and my friends & I planned to vote camping over the 4th of June weekend… All of us made the plans months & months in advance & all of us knew not the un-even temperatures would be extremely sizzling & humid… When John saw the forecast, he started to get nervous, he tried to back out of the weekend, & I politely reminded him that he is the only 1 in the group with a boat.

I told him that he was being a baby & 98° is not that much hotter than 94 degrees.

John complained for 3 days in a row & then he stopped by 1 night with the solution to his problem. He bought a portable AC equipment from the hardware store & he was planning to take it on the camping trip. The portable AC equipment was sizable & bulky & it had additional accessories that needed to be installed. I thought it was a excruciating method & a actually luxurious purchase for multiple days of camping, however on our third of June weekend, all of us saw the portable AC equipment in action for the first time. It absolutely cooled down the inside of the tent, but there was a lot of moisture on the tent fabric. It also took up half of the space inside of the tent. John seems perfectly cheerful with the AC equipment & he never complained about the un-even temperatures 1 time.
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