Planning a Heating and Air Conditioning surprise for our partner

My partner prefers to work on crafts… She is always sewing, knitting, or creating something, then however, he doesn’t have a enjoyable space in the house to work.

She keeps everything in our family room and I guess that he would care about to have 1 space where everything he needed was organized and not stuffed under our bed.

So for his anniversary I am going to turn the garage into a craft room for her, then i also know disappointing because I use the only spare family room in the house for our family room. So I want to make sure he has the best space possible for his craft room. I am toiling with a local interior designer to make sure his new craft room will be perfect! The man that is helping myself and others mentioned that having a/c installed in the room would make it even more fantastic for his while he is in his craft room. So, I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to give myself and others a quote for the new Heating and Air Conditioning system to be installed in the garage. I guess having an Heating and Air Conditioning system installed in the garage will be more costly than I originally planned, although I know it will make the space better for our partner. I am so cheerful that the interior designer suggested that I call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier because I know it’s going to take the craft room to the next level. I easily know our partner is going to care about his gift!

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