Personal fitness is hard under quarantine

My friends and I go to the gym three times a week.

We believe that personal fitness is very important. One of my friends is a personal trainer at the gym. He gets us great deals on private fitness classes. Most of the private fitness classes are $20 each, but Dan can get us a cheaper rate of $10 each. My friends and I have really missed the gym since the quarantine started. The whole fitness center is closed down and we cannot use any of the indoor equipment or the outdoor track. The fitness center has a pool as well, and it is closed until further notice. Things are going to be vastly different in the future and I know it won’t be anytime soon before it is safe to return to the gym and regular activities. My friends and I are doing our best to stay physically fit at home, but it’s not easy to do. We don’t have all of the training equipment like elliptical machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, and weights. We don’t have the same indoor air quality either. My friends and I live in an apartment together. The apartment is on the third floor. It seems like heat rises all the way to the top of the apartments. Even when we have the air conditioner running on 70 degrees, the interior temperatures are still rather warm and humid. My friends and I try to work out in our apartment, but it’s way too hot and humid. I can barely do 100 push-ups before I’m ready to stop.

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