Our bills are getting hard to pay

I work in a county where many teachers also work. There are many occasions for payment and it is possible for me to be paid for a whole year or only 10 months. These small currency amounts are deducted each month from a check to give you a summer stipend. Many teachers choose summer money due to the fact that they do not want to look for summer time jobs. The additional income throughout the year is helpful as well. I personally choose summertime pay. After receiving summer pay, I usually set some currency aside for my car payment, insurance, rent, gas, groceries, and also the electric bill. It can be tough to determine how much money is necessary to set up for the electric bill, but we do our best to make the right guess. The electric bill actually fluctuates a great deal during summer and spring leaf. Everyone of us live in the southern area and there are seriously overhated and humid days during summer. We officially have the air conditioner running during the whole day and there are times when it is very cool at night. There are days when the overheated are outside causes once inside of our home and those are days when I decide to adjust the temperature control unit. The electric field consistently runs high during summer, but every one of us are prepared to save money and also set the air conditioner to lower temperatures that will make the house more comfortable and the electric bill much more manageable.
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